Runers Available on Playism!

Runers is now available on Playism!

Along with this new release, Japanese is now available as a language.


Check it out!

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Steam Demo Available

Hey Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that a demo is now available to download on Steam, which can be found here:

The Steam store page is also up for Runers, which is here:

Both of these links are on the side of the page as well, so be sure to go check out the demo, and talk about it with everyone else on the Steam Forums!

Have Fun!


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It’s been a while since our last post, and we have some news for everyone: We have been accepted onto Steam!

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us, and look forward to releasing Runers.

So, now for an update for the game. We are in the middle of finalizing localization in German and Russian, and are bug testing and balancing. It’s really just a lot of play testing and putting the final polish on the game.

We will try to make more updates to keep everyone in the loop. Just to give you something to look forward to, we are going to be changing up the website a bit, adding a link to a new demo, and pushing out some new media (like trailers and music).


new logo

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Happy Earth Day!

Greetings, fellow Runers. Today is Earth day (well barely still), and we thought it would be good to post a quick status update. We are really working on content full throttle. Something like 30 enemies, 2 bosses, 3 mini bosses, 23 traits, numerous challenges have all been done in the last 6-8 weeks. The game is really coming together. We are still going strong! You may expect an updated public demo version to come out within a month. It will still be floors 1-3 but will include any content we have since added that is available on those floors (I’m looking at you, new tier 1 Air boss!). Stay tuned!

Happy Earth day! Why don’t you go in-game and make some Earth spells to celebrate? Personally I am looking forward to Entropy day. (It is probably not a recognized national holiday).

Earth Rune

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A Trailer… A Demo..!

Hello everyone. We have just created a new trailer in light of our new public alpha demo. You can view the trailer in the media section of our website or over on YouTube! The public demo is also available for download right now at the bottom of this post!

The public demo features a mostly full-fledged but shortened version of Runers. Our aim was to make this as complete of a demo as possible. There are always things to improve but we hope this gives you an idea of what Runers will be like. The notable features are

  • 3 floors
  • Singles and double enabled (65/285 spells)
  • ~35 enemies
  • 3 bosses
  • 5 interactive tutorials
  • 8 Challenges
  • Game statistics (records, all time, and per game)
  • Small handful of achievements

We hope you find the game fun! Spread the word, and tell your friends! If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to contact us at or in our forum.

Happy combining!



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Change is good

Making a game is tough. Obvious, right?

We recently posted on /r/gamedev on Reddit for Feedback Friday two Fridays in a row. It has been a long time since we have let anybody outside of friends and family play the game, so we were understandably nervous. It’s always tough to finally start revealing something you have been working on for over a year and a half to people, hoping they don’t just slam your work. Thankfully, that did not really happen. We got some good feedback, some very good negative criticism, and some nice comments on the game being fun.

The constructive criticism helped reveal some problems with the game. It is very hard to see the overall picture of the game when you are always mired in and working on it, so it helps when someone just asks “Uhhh, why is the game this way? It doesn’t make a lot of sense….” First reaction for us to receive that is obviously “Of course it makes sense, you just don’t see it!” But then when we took a step back and really evaluated it, we realized, “Damn, they are right; it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

That really made us stop and consider the concepts of making the game fun versus making the game according to our original vision. We initially implemented some things that were in our original vision, not stopping to think that maybe they weren’t the right choices, or that they weren’t the best ways of doing things. These have led to some changes that we wanted to share that we feel will make the game a ton better.


So, one of the biggest criticisms we received was that Runers didn’t make a whole lot of sense to limit the player to only 4 spells (7 once all the extra storage slots were unlocked). One of the big hooks of the game is that there are all these spells that you can discover and use, and then we were severely limiting the player on what they could actually use, and even worse, punishing them for trying to discover the spells! To combine two or three runes, you needed to use a combiner. What if you discovered a spell that did not work for your current build? Well, you had that spell unlocked in the Runedex, but that combiner and those runes were gone, and having the spell unlocked in the Runedex just made so you knew what that rune combo was. To help fix this issue, we had to make a couple changes to the controls and some gameplay tweaks.

Instead of using Space bar (or whatever you had it bound to) to switch between your 4 active spells, you now have two active spells for your mouse which function using a hold down mechanic (holding down left click or right click). You also have 4 other active spells slots, defaulted to the first four number keys (1 2 3 4), which function on a press mechanic (making so you can’t just hold them down) that are unlocked as you beat bosses, starting you with only two. Besides these active slots, you can earn two extra storage slots after beating 3 bosses. We feel that this will really help with strategy: allowing you to use more spells at once, giving you more spells in general, and letting you safely store upgraded spells while you tinker with new combinations.


The next big change we made is to the Runedex. Now, after having discovered a spell, it no longer takes a combiner to create that spell in your current and future runs. This means that if you make it far in one run and discover a couple triples, you can use those triples as soon as you get the runes for them in future runs. We feel that this will add a sense of cohesion and permanence to the game, and not punish discovery. To counteract you being able to use more advanced spells early, we are going to have to make some changes to the difficulty to make the game generally harder, but this will give the player more satisfaction on getting more powerful spells, making so you can get further with each playthrough.

One of the other criticisms that we got was that enemies in general were a little tough to see, and the game just felt like things fighting other things. To help combat this, we have increased the camera zoom by around 20%.

Where we goin’?

So, where are going from here? We still have a lot of work to do, and there are a lot of tweaks to be made. The biggest thing on our radar right now is enemy AI. We feel that it is…lacking in some respects, and need we to make them a bit smarter. We also need more diverse enemies, and to give enemy packs a bit more cohesion. Right now, you enter a room and can fight anything and everything. By giving the rooms a bit more cohesion, rooms will more often than not have a certain challenge to them. One room may be dominated by mages and you will need to fight in a certain way, and in the next room you may have a few big beasts, and your previous strategy will not work.

Of course, there is still a lot of content to work on too!

We had wanted to have a public demo by January, but we just aren’t going to hit that goal. There is still some art that we want to get in place first, and some more changes to make the game have the best experience we can for the demo.

That’s all for now!

Solar Charge

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Feedback Friday

Hello everyone!

We have recently put out a post on r/gamedev on Reddit with a link to our latest demo, so I figured I would talk a bit about where we are in our development process.

We have just finished what should be (hopefully!) our last big engine change, and that is level ups and Traits. Traits are special abilities that can be chosen on level ups, such as extra effects on crit, getting hit, picking up items, etc. We feel that this is the last push needed to really let you customize your playthrough the way you want to. It is kind of silly to think that we left the experience and level up system for last, but with the way we built our engine we can really add anything we want pretty easily. Its pretty robust.

So, where are we going now? We are still receiving and implementing art from our artist, which is priority #1. It is also something that we can’t really push along faster without more art from him. Other than that, our main focus now will be content, bug fixes, and balancing. Content includes event rooms (we only have 6), challenges (we only have 7, of which around 2-3 we will probably keep), achievements (we only have 4), enemies (around 50 last count), bosses (sitting at 7 right now), and traits (just got to 10!). We primarily focused on the framework and engine up to this point, with some minor content pushes to help show what could be done.

So, any questions or comments? Let us know!


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New Website

Hey everyone,

We are in the process of making the new website, so please excuse the random ugliness and changes while we do that. Thanks!

–LGK Games Team

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